Council of Governors votes to redistrict
the Lions Clubs in North Carolina

At the November quarterly meeting of the district governors representing all the Lions Clubs in North Carolina, the governors voted unanimously to reduce the number of administrative districts from eight to five. The primary reasons for proposing this change to our organization and constitution is that five districts:
• Provides larger Membership pools from which to draw leaders:
– Fewer Lions holding multiple leadership positions
– More Lions available to fill district and state committees
– More Lions available increases quality of leaders
• Improves District and State Council finances
– More members per district equals increased revenues; less need to increase dues
– Fewer districts reduces expenses of state and NCLI organizations
The change does, however, come with challenges. Decreasing the number of districts:
– Increases the number of clubs in each district to approximately 65 to 80 clubs
– Merging 8 districts to 5 districts will be challenging. It will require:
o Elections and new organizations in each new district
o Designing and implementing a transition plan
o Maintaining current level of revenues for NCLI
o Acceptance and ownership of plan by members and leaders
The redistricting proposal recommended by the district governors will now be presented and decided by the delegates at the NC Lions State Convention in Greensboro in May 2013. Obviously there is much to consider in making this change. Clubs will ultimately decide whether we will or will not redistrict. They will do this by sending delegates to the convention with instructions to vote the will of the club. Below are maps of the current and proposed organization of the state:

Current 8 District Organization
Proposed 5 District Organization
(Districts designated A, B, D, E, F, G, H & J)
(Districts redesignated L, I, O, N & S)


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