Eye Screening – Harnett County

Fellow Lions in Harnett County

If your club is looking for a new service project, I have an idea that may be of interest to you. Projects that pertain to the eyes are always very popular for Lions and doing eye screening for kids in Harnett schools may be a good fit.

The Western Harnett Lions Club is embarking on a new venture to provide screening for children in the Harnett County schools. We are in the process of obtaining an eye screening device called SPOT manufactured by Pediavision. The instrument is designed to take a picture of the eye and then provide readings that will determine if the child passed or failed the screening thresholds. If he/she fails, the school nurse is so advised that follow-up is needed. We have talked to Ms Janet Johnson, Lead Nurse for Harnett County schools and she would like to partner with us to do the 1st, 5th, and 7th, grades in Harnett County. Until we know how this new system will work and how many students we can screen, she is asking that if there are Lion members from other clubs that would be interested in doing eye screening, they would welcome the assistance. In that regard, Ms Johnson is suggesting that volunteers participate in a vision screening workshop offered by Prevent Blindness NC. The workshop will last about 3 hours and will assure all screenings are performed in accordance with good and consistent screening standards. The workshop would be scheduled after interest is determined.

Our school board policy requires all who come in contact with our students to have a background check prior to working/volunteering in our schools. Therefore, a list of any Lions Club members who would like to volunteer would need to be forwarded to our Community Liaison, Patrician Harmon-Lewis to complete this requirement.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss in further send me an email. Let me know if you are interested and I will put you in contact with Ms. Janet Johnson.

Vince Schimmoller,1st VDG


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