2nd Cabinet Meeting


2nd Cabinet Meeting 31F
Sanford Lions Den
November 3, 2012

Meeting was called to order by Randy Kirby in the Sanford Lions Den.
1st VDG Vince Schimmoller Led the pledge of allegiance.
Prayer was given by 2nd VDG Ken Smith
Cabinet Secretary Cynthia Kirby advised that there was a quorum.
DG Randy Kirby welcomed everyone to the 2nd cabinet meeting.
PDG Jerry Thomas was appointed Parliamentarian.
PDG Jerry Thomas made a motion to disperse with the reading of the minutes. Diane Westerbeeke seconded. Motion carried.

Finance Report by District Treasurer Cindy Kirby was presented. Account balance is 10,972.55 as of 11/2/12. 1st semiannual dues bills have gone out and the majority have been paid. 2nd notices have been printed and will go out and be followed up upon. All bank statements, copies of checks that have come in and copies of checks that have gone out for the district are available if anyone would like to see them.


DG Randy Kirby presented the new PR handouts from LCI and made them available to anyone who wanted to take some back to their clubs.
He also made available any Lions pins, chevrons, etc that anyone in attendance was missing. Chevrons are attached to service certificates and may be picked up for those not in attendance. Any not picked up will be mailed out.
DG Randy announced that DG Rose Edgar from District 31-A passed away 2 weeks ago. Please keep her and her husband, Jim, in your prayers.
DG Randy Kirby announced that he would miss the next NCLI Council meeting as he will be in Germany with the Army Reserves. 1st VDG Vince Schimmoller will fill in for him.

1st VDG Vince Schimmoller asked that people put February 2, 2013, the mid-Winter Convention date on your calendar. It will be at Southern Pines and will be a 1 day event. Three seminars will be available in the afternoons to allow clubs to share ideas on fund raisers, service projects, and recruitment and orientation of new members. There will be a continental breakfast, lunch and entertainment presented in the evenings which will consist of one of our VIPs who is a concert violinist during the banquet. The cost will be $35/person and will be all inclusive.
1st VDG Vince states that he will be recruiting the cabinet for next year and is hoping to have many new members serving as Zone Chair and in other offices.
1st VDG Vince also notes that DG Randy and GMT Gary Green are looking to start a new club in Spring Lake, and we are looking for assistance in recruiting members during a sweep Dec 10-12 in that area. He also states that his home club inducted 5 new members last week.

2nd VDG Ken Smith discussed the need for recruitment, motivation and foundation planning for new members. He mentions that there are resources to use including the district website which is updated almost daily. He does ask that people send in pictures and information about any activities that their club does.
2nd VDG Ken also pointed out that Melissa Ewing’s club has a wonderful club facebook page that is often updated. This is a great way to keep people informed and excited.

DG Randy then thanked 2nd VDG Ken Smith for maintaining the district website and websites for every club in our district. It is very appreciated.

GLT Brad Logston notes that a charter school has been approved for the campus of the Boys and Girls Home that will serve those students as well as others in foster care and at high risk. He also states that we are looking for new Guiding Lions. Those interested will need to take an online course for certification. Training programs are being set up for the spring for the incoming cabinet positions for the 2013-2012 year. He also reported that the Knights for the Blind have been active and able to assist with some eye surgeries through Carolina Eye Care Associates and that they have received an excellent rate for these services.

GMT Gary Green was unable to attend the meeting today. District Secretary Cindy read his report which is attached.

Any old business:

The district now has the ability to vote over the internet. Two resolutions have been presented and voted upon in this manner and things have gone well. This will help keep down the need to drive so much for our members.
DG Randy presented the Sanford Lions Club president with a plaque in appreciation of their 2011-2012 White Cane donations.
DG Randy presented Melissa Ewing with her Guiding Lions certificate since she has recently completed the course and is available to discuss her new role with anyone interested.

Any new business:

DG Randy discussed the Lions Walk Across North Carolina to help promote awareness of the Lions Clubs across the state and to raise funds for LCI. This is in the planning stage at this time, and DG Randy requested someone volunteer to be the district “leader” to help with the planning

Redistricting is in process at this time. Based on the known cost for administration for each district, LCI has stated each club needs to have a membership of at least 1250. At this time every district in NC is below this number so LCI is losing money administering each district. This makes our districts non-viable in international situations which means they do not get to vote internationally. The current plan involves doing away with all the current letter designations in the state and will drop the number from 8 to 5. This will be voted on at this next council of governors and will then be voted upon by the members at the state convention. DG Randy notes that it appears that this redistricting is the right thing to do at this time.
PDG Jerry asked about the appearance of our district after the process. DG Randy notes that in the current plan, our district will not lose any counties but will gain some to the east, north and west. It is also noted that the incoming DG’s will have to work it out among themselves as to who will serve first and who will wait a year to serve.

Dist Sec Cindy read a resolution proposed by 31-H regarding the District 31-H and F VIP bus fund. Please see the attached resolution. There were questions concerning how funds are acquired, and Diane Westerbeeke noted that Sampson county has always declined to participate since they send their VIPs on their own. Multiple clubs apparently provide their own transportation, and PDG Jerry Thomas states that he’s unaware of this being an ongoing project and line item.
Robert Burndrette made a motion to table this resolution until we can obtain further information. Diane Westerbeeke 2nd it and the motion carried.

The membership report was presented by DG Randy who provided the following numbers:
Total district membership is now
For the month we are +1
For the year we are +14
This does not include the 11 new members in the SECC branch club.

DG Randy also noted that he is working on an Eye Care Provider cyber club to help provide additional services to the blind. This is one of the ways we are trying new things to recruit members. We need to make some changes, some of which may fail, in order to reach out to newer people who may not feel the traditional club is what they are looking for.

DG Randy discussed the options for digital meetings. The next cabinet meeting at the mid-Winter convention will have the ability to call in/connect online to hear and attend the meeting. We are working on the method for this at this time.

DG Randy presented the proposed Retinal Telemedicine program for District 31-F. This is being used across NC to identify patients at risk for vision lost. We are looking at obtaining a device to possible put in Columbus County Hospital to provide this service to the people of our county and the surrounding counties.

Zone Reports:
Jerry Thomas (Zone 1): All clubs are active and recruiting but there remain problems in this area for all clubs. Please see the attached report.
PDG Jerry also noted that Lion Vince has sent in his letter of nomination for DG for next year. We are still looking for someone to serve as 2nd VDG for next year if anyone knows someone who is interested.
PDG Jerry noted that LCI raised their rates to $75/day for hotel and $0.50/mile and $25/meal. Because of these increases, we will need to propose a budget change to cover these increases which were not expected in our current budget.
NCLI is currently meeting goals for our budget for the year.

Diane Westerbeeke (Zone 2) All the clubs are active and working hard. Most of the 12 clubs were visited in August. 1st zone meeting was well attended by her home club and by Vince Schimmoller. This is the second zone meeting. History book is going to be printed soon.

Layton Booker (Zone 3) was not present

Melissa Ewing (Zone 4) All clubs are active and working hard. Please see her attached report.

Pete Locklear (Zone 5) was not present

Cindy Kirby (Zone 6) All clubs are currently active. Dutch Dine has been assisting me with club visits. Lake Waccamaw has just started a branch club with 11 new members at SECC. Whiteville is looking at possibly doing a new service project in conjunction with some of the local churches with Stop Hunger Now, and is looking at a new fund raises involving a locally produced cook book.

LCIF and Jack Stickley Chairman Charles spoke to state that LCIF funds are being utilized through the Humanitarian relief programs in the area recently hit by Superstorm Sandy in the US Northeast. He also states that our Humanitarian funds are being used to help eradicate measles. He passed out information about nominating members of the clubs for Melvin Jones Fellowship at $1000 and for Jack Stickley Fellowship for $500 which then goes to the NCLI. He also discussed the “Home at the Lake” house at the Boys and Girls Home which supports teenage mothers and assists them in learning to care for and support their children. He then encouraged all clubs to meet their Boys and Girls Home goals.

Donna Schimmoller spoke next about the USA Canada Forum which they attended in Tampa, Florida. She states that it is very inspiring and assists in leadership development. Next year’s Forum will be in Kansas in September, and she encourages others from our district to attend.

Robert Burndrett asked that we include Brad Logston in our closing benediction as he is about to go into the hospital for a cardiac procedure.

DG Randy then provided closing remarks thanking everyone for their service through the years.

Closing Benediction was provided by 2nd VDG Ken Smith.

We then moved forward with our Stop Hunger Now meal packaging event along with some of our Leo members.


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