Humanitarian / White Cane Report

Humanitarian / White Cane Report
February, 2013

The good news is that we met our December 31 goal of raising 40% of our $753,500 annual goal. As of January 31, we have collected $370,036.91 which is 49.1% of our goal. Congratulations to four of our districts – A, B, D and F – which have already reached more than 50% of their goals.

The big challenge now is to get to the 75% mark by March 31. That means we need to raise $195,000 in the next seven weeks. With everyone’s help, I am confident that we will meet that goal. Because of the generosity of Lions all across this state, our White Cane dollars are making a difference in the daily lives of many, many people.
Thank you, President Steve and board members for allowing me to serve as chair this year.

“All year I looked forward to Camp Dogwood — not knowing what to expect. Never realizing how much this experience would mean to me — before camp, I felt alone with my vision impairment but after being around so many people at camp was very inspiring — much like a spiritual experience — I now feel more confident about my blindness and have been encouraged by other campers and staff — One of my best memories and looking forward to next year.” First Time Camper, 2012 Ryan Renegar

Lion John Owens, Multiple District Humanitarian / White Cane Chairman, 2012-13


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