MINUTES – 3rd Cabinet Meeting 31F


3rd Cabinet Meeting 31F
Mid-Winter Convention
Southern Pines, NC
February 2, 2013

Meeting was called to order by DG Randy Kirby
Vince Schimmoller led the pledge of allegiance.
Prayer was given by Ken Smith
Cabinet Secretary Cynthia Kirby advised that there was a quorum.
Cabinet Treasurer Cynthia Kirby gave the Treasurer’s report showing $13,004.22 balance in the District Account as of 2/1/13

DG Randy Kirby welcomed everyone to the 3rd cabinet meeting.
Charles Smith was appointed Parliamentarian.
PDG Jerry Thomas made a motion to disperse with the reading of the minutes. Ron Kelly seconded.

DG Randy Kirby discussed the National Federation of the Blind giving a scholarship for students attending college in the fall. Please look through your districts for possible students to apply

LCI will be giving matching funds of $300 for training during the convention. DG Randy thanked them for this.

Membership chevrons are available for any officers or milestone members who have not gotten theirs. If you do not pick these up, they will be sent to your club via mail.

Leo Convention Feb 22-24 at Camp Dogwood. Notify DG Randy if you want any further information of application.

Sid Scruggs III fellowship is being set up and we have information available.

NC State Conv. May 16-19 in Greensboro at the Greensboro High Point Airport Marriott Hotel. We have applications available for that as well.

District 31F Peace Poster applicants are available for viewing on the wall outside the conference room, and all posters were truly impressive and beautiful.

NC state trading pins will be passed around for $2 each if anyone is interested in them.

Lion Allen from Vass is accepting an International President Certificate of appreciation on behalf of Lion John German from Vass Lions Club.

DG Randy has more Governor’s Pins available for anyone who would like one.

Silent auction is open and will close right before dinner. Please look at those items and bid… aggressively. Funds go to Humanitarian/White Cane for the year.

50/50 raffle is also going around, and those funds go to Boys and Girls Home.

DG Randy asked for questions but there were none.

1st VDG Vince also gave remarks welcoming everyone to the District Convention including those attending for the first time.

2nd VDG Ken spoke and welcomed everyone.

Any old business:

Wall of Remembrance is set up across from the registration table showing the members we have lost this year in the district. Everyone is invited to visit and remember our friends.

Humanitarian/White Cane Report was provided by 2nd VDG Ken Smith. He again stressed the two words that the DG team has been using: Thank You. We appreciate all the donations that have come in so far, and he notes that there is still time to give. He challenged every club to at least give a dollar in order to participate. He notes that he will personally give a dollar for every club that does not participate. Currently 50% of goal has been raised.

John Owens, state humanitarian/white cane chair was also invited to speak. He states that he came to see everyone but especially to thank everyone in the district. $44,522 has been raised so far from 31F and is 59% of the district goal. He states there are already people in NC who are benefitting from these funds. White canes are being distributed across the state. Campers are planning to attend Camp Dogwood because of these contributions. College scholarships have been given and these recipients are benefitting today from these funds. Matching funds for glasses are being provided from these funds.

DG Randy discussed the Stop Hunger Now event at our last cabinet meeting. He states those 10,000 meals went to a school in Nicaragua, and he thanked everyone who participated. The event was a great success.

DG Randy also discussed the use of a bus to transport Camp Dogwood participants out of districts H and F. Clarification of this is that District H is wanting District F to sign off on a plan to fund raise in order to provide this bus to transport our camp participants. The week of participation for our campers is July 14. After discussion, Lion Jim Kirkland moves to accept, Lion Michael Clinton seconds and the vote passed.

DG Randy called for any other old business. There being none, we moved onto New Business

Any new business:

Recruiting. DG Randy reports 31F was membership positive on 3/28, but this changed on 3/29 when 2 clubs were dropped due to failure to pay dues. Currently we are at -13, but Lion Gary Green and the District GMT team are working very hard to continue to increase membership. DG Randy feels we will still remain membership positive at the end of the year. Elizabethtown Lions Club dropped but is hoping to rebuild. Red Springs has decided to turn their charter in.

Gary Green discussed GMT, Global Membership Team, and their role in increasing membership.

1st VDG Vince discussed the Motion for LCI Grant. Western Harnett Lions Club is trying to get a grant for a new eye care machine, SPOT, and they are asking for endorsement of by the district. The instrument costs $7000 and will take a picture of the eye then provide an eye screening report. After discussion and questions which were answered, Lion Kenny Cox moved that the district endorse this application. Motion seconded by Lion James Kaiser. Motion was passed by vote.

1st VDG Vince also thanked the Knights for the Blind, group from 31F that joined to provide assistance to those requiring funds for larger projects than the individual clubs can afford, such as surgeries. PDG Dan Beaudreaux is present as their representative for any questions. The Knights for the Blind is providing $1500 in support for the SPOT (Pediavision) machine.

Camp Dogwood Ticket Sales – PDG Dutch Dine was unable to be here due to the passing of a 40+ year Lion from our home club. DG Randy stated that a ticket will be drawn tonight during dinner of the tickets collected.

PDG Jerry Thomas spoke and stated he has passed around a page discussing the proposal for the Sid Scruggs Fellowship. The funds from this fellowship will be used to offset the costs of individual camper attendance. Clubs currently pay $100 per camper, but the cost is actually $900 per camper. PDG Jerry asked for an endorsement from 31F for this proposal for the Fellowship to take back to the next LCI board meeting. Lion Sammy Cox moved to endorse and PDG Tommy seconded the motion. Questions were answered including the fact that this will be a state-wide fellowship like the Stickley awards. After further discussion, DG Randy accepted the motion and second. The motion carried unanimously.

Zone Reports:

Zone 1 – Jerry Thomas discussed club visits and projects the clubs in his district have held in the past quarter. A copy of his report is attached.

Zone 2 – Diane Westerbeeke discussed new information from her clubs since the last district meeting.

Zone 3 – Layton Booker was not present

Zone 4 – Melissa Ewing thanked her zone clubs for their 100% participation in the District meeting today.

Zone 5 – Pete Locklear was not here

Zone 6 – Cynthia Kirby discussed the upcoming zone meeting at the Boys and Girls Home and the hope to be able to have another Stop Hunger Now event within the zone.

Volunteer Chair Report provided by Diane Westerbeeke– Volunter week at Camp Dogwood is the 1st week in April. Further information about jobs needing to be done will come out soon.

Brad Logston noted that the Camp Dogwood Clean up day will be April 13 and start at 9am. He also noted that the Boys and Girls Home has been approved for this year, starting in September 2013. He discussed the Lake House which has been founded at the Boys and Girls Home for unwed young mothers.

The following reports were given by PDG Jerry Thomas:
Nomination Report by PDG Jerry states that all nominees are qualified for the office they seek
Constitution and Bylaws – nothing to report
Budget and Finance – only minor changes have been made at this time.
NCLI Board will be discussed by DG Randy at a later time.
Promotions – funds from selling Lions Wear will go to supporting our ID Harvey Whitley since we do not have an active candidate for international office at this time.

DG Randy asked for any other new business. There being none, he thanked everyone for being here and for their service. He also asked each club to send a member up for delegate verification to District Secretary Cindy.

Benediction was given by 2nd VDG Ken Smith


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