As we approach our state convention in Greensboro

It’s an exciting time to be a Lion in District 31F. As we move towards the state convention, Lionism in our great state is getting better and better. I don’t mean changing. I mean improving.

As we approach our state convention in Greensboro in May, there are a few things that will be highlighted that I want to bring to everyone’s attention. First, statewide redistricting will come up for a vote. The plan that will be presented for a vote is printed in this edition of the Advocate so that those Lions who intend to vote as certified delegates may review it. The plan was put together by five past council chairs who were acting in the best interest of the state as a whole. The plan is as fair and unbiased as possible in its current form and is being put forward to the membership without any changes or gerrymandering. Redistricting is utilitarian in nature and will not be painless. True improvements seldom are. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly. I see my function as providing you with the accurate and useful information that you need to make an informed decision. I believe in the membership and that collectively we will make the decision that is best for us all.

Another item up for vote at the state convention is a name change to the Humanitarian/White Cane fundraising program. The proposed new name of this program is the more globally encompassing “Lions Brighter Visions.” Lions Brighter Visions will cover everything that was previously supported within the Humanitarian/White Cane fund raising drive and will be publicized through a large multi-media campaign across the state if carried. Again, I am available to discuss any questions or concerns about this name change with you at any time.

Also at this year’s state convention, we will be hosting a new service project. This will be a Stop Hunger now meal packaging event, just like the one we had at our second District 31F council meeting in Sanford. During this time, participants will join together to again package 10,000 meals for distribution to a school in a third world country, and thus provide both nourishment and incentive to continue their education to needy children. We are proud to have hosted this event within our own district and look forward to seeing that service extend on a state-wide level.

Finally, I’d like to officially thank District Governor Elect Vince Schimmoller for putting together a wonderful and informative District 31-F Mid-Winter Convention. We were able to have the entire convention at a cost of only $35/person, which was a reduction in $10/person from last year and still included a full day of activities and 3 meals. We believe that our inexpensive, one day concept is working well as attendance was up over 15% from last year.

We had a great afternoon of instruction, which included training 10 new Certified Guiding Lions from 3 different districts. Overall it was a wonderful day, and I appreciate everyone who attended and supported this event.
As you can see, it’s an exciting time to be a Lion. I have thoroughly enjoyed my year as governor and look forward to closing out my year by working until the very last moment for the continued betterment of our organization.

DG Randy Kirby

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