Sid L. Scruggs Fellowship

Fellow Lions of 31-F

As you may have heard or read in the minutes of the last cabinet meeting, District 31-F is working to create a fellowship for our own Past International President Sid L. Scruggs III.
Lion Sid, 31-F Cabinet and the Board of Directors of North Carolina Lions Inc. have approved this. We have been working on the details.
The Fellowship will be similar to the Jack Stickley and the William Woolard awards in concept but the money raised by this fellowship will go toward the VIP’s at Camp Dogwood not administration.
The money from this will be in an endowment with the proceeds, interest, dividends, etc. going to help offset the cost of the campers at Camp Dogwood. This will not affect Camp Dogwood tickets as that money goes toward upkeep of the camp.
The fellowship will continue PIP Sid’s theme of the Beacon of Hope, and will have five levels at a cost of $200 per level, which is a total of $1000 to reach the top level. We hope to have it ready to present at the state convention in May.
What I am asking for today is that we, the Lions of 31-F, honor our PIP Sid and First Lady Judy with the first two fellowships. This will cost $2000.
I am asking that each Lions Club in 31-F donate at least $50 toward this endeavor. Individual donations are also accepted.
If your Club, or individuals wish to donate to this cause, please send your check made payable to District 31-F to: Cabinet Treasurer Cindy Kirby, 707 Wedgewood Road, Whiteville, NC 28472. Denote on your check that this is for PIP Sid’s Fellowship. Since this is a fellowship for VIP’s, the money can come from your service funds. DG Randy will use any excess funds to buy a beginning level fellowship for a deserving Lion or Lions.

In Service,

PDG Jerry Lee Thomas

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