North Carolina Lions Celebrate Liberty Essay Contest Process

o District Committee Chairpersons contact each club and have them contact the high school principal that their club associates with to announce the essay contest and the guidelines for entry.
o Essays are restricted to 11th grade students
 Papers include the selected topic and the student’s argument for or against its validity today.
 The topic for 2012-2013 is “Is the United States of America Exceptional?”
 Papers should be between 350 and 500 words in length.
 Clubs and schools will determine how the school winner is determined.
 Winning papers submitted by date designated by District Chairperson so that a winner can be selected before the fall/ mid-winter convention. For Districts G/H/J a winner from each district
o Club will submit the winner for the District competition.
o District Committee Chairperson organizes group to evaluate essays and select winner in time for fall/ mid-winter convention.
 Names and schools shall be redacted from the essays before grading to eliminate bias.
o Winner of contest attends banquet and reads paper or attends cabinet meeting and reads paper. DG presents monetary award (subject to DG Budget authority) to winner.
o Winning paper submitted for state competition
o State Committee Chairperson organizes committee to select state winner from among the district winners.
o State winner reads essay at a venue determined by the State Convention Committee CC or Guest Speaker announces prize (subject to approval of COG) for winner at banquet.






High School Principal

Lions Area of Responsibility


Dear ———–


The Lions of North Carolina are sponsoring an essay contest for high school juniors on the subject of liberty.  This is in conjunction with our Celebrate Liberty program in which we introduce and/or reinforce the meaning of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution for those students studying United States history.  This contest begins at the Lions Club level followed by competition at the district and state level.  Appropriate recognition will be provided to the winning student at each level culminating with a ceremony in the spring of the following year.


The students will be asked write their essay based on a subject to be provided at the beginning of the school year.  A member of our Lions Club will be available to give the details of the contest to your junior level history classes early after the fall semester begins on a date selected by your History Department Head.

We hope that your school will be interested in this forum to instill an interest in the history of our nation and those that were instrumental in its foundation.  Please pass this information on to your History Department Head and have her/him reply to me at the following address prior to the beginning of the next school year if you are interested in this program:


Lion A. B . See

Anytown, NC





Lion I. B. President

Anytown Lions Club



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