22 Blind and Visually Impaired Riders Enjoy Opportunity To Ride Horses


Imagine riding a horse if you cannot see, especially if you have been blind since birth and have never seen one or been near one. It takes a lot of courage to climb up on a horse and go for a ride.

On April 24th, 22 blind and visually impaired adults from the Cape Fear Region had the opportunity to experience touching, smelling, feeding, and riding horses at Black Creek Hill Farms near Benson. While the riders could not see, the sighted volunteers helping them were blinded by their enthusiastic smiles. These visually impaired riders had never thought they would have the opportunity to ride a horse, and now they were on one.

This outing was the result of teamwork between the Western Harnett Lions Club, The Vision Resource Center of the Cape Fear Region, and Black Creek Hill Farms to provide new experiences tailored to the abilities and needs of these adventurous visually impaired folks.

Rick Foster
Western Harnett Lions Club
“We Serve”
Website: http://e-clubhouse.org/sites/westernharnett/index.php


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