As the 2012-2013 Lions year comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to DG Randy Kirby for a job well done. I would like to note several accomplishments that DG Randy was responsible for this year. First of all, he started the Southeastern North Carolina Eyecare Interest, a new Lions club in District 31 F. It is a cyber club and consists of eye doctors and technicians. Presently there are 34 members enrolled in the club. Secondly, in November he held the first Stop Hunger Program in District 31F as part of his 2nd Cabinet meeting at the Sanford Lions club. Approximately 30 Lions participated in this district-wide service project. And lastly, he assisted in getting a grant from Lions Club International for an eye screening device that will be coordinated by the Western Harnett Lions Club and used by several other clubs in Harnett and Lee Counties to screen pre-school and elementary school children.
Next week I am off to Hamburg, Germany for the Lions International convention where I will be inducted as the District Governor for District 31F. I am looking forward to this event to have the opportunity to serve the 43 Lions clubs in the District. Together, as we Look To Serve we will be able to help more people that need help in our community, district, State and Internationally. My goals for the year are to add 2 new clubs, revitalize 2 clubs that have 15 or less members, increase the number of women in our clubs, and for each club to increase its membership by 1 over what is in your club at this time. The reason that I am focusing on increasing the number of Lions is not to make our numbers look good but to have additional hands to be able to offer help to those in need. For alone we can do little but together we can do much.
If you are looking for an additional service project I would like to offer you an idea—-how about spending one week at Camp Dogwood as a volunteer during the summer camping season? This past Saturday, Donna and I returned from Camp Dogwood after a week of helping the blind and visually impaired campers. Gail and Rolland Van Wart from the Western Harnett Lions club also spent a week volunteering at the camp (their first experience). The attitude and thankfulness of the campers is remarkable. It is truly a rewarding experience and one that you will never forget as the campers are very appreciative of everything that you do for them. A good outing for your club would be to take club members over to Camp Dogwood for one day during the camping season to see firsthand the activities of the camp. Just give Susan King, the camp director, a call to arrange a visit and help serve the campers a meal. A real Look To Serve opportunity.

Vince Schimmoller


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