What a way to start. The Broadway Lions club was chartered in September of 2010. In April of 2011 and tornado went thru Sanford and destroyed many homes and businesses. It also did major damage to one of its member’s home. Rather than sitting back, they took action. The club decided that it wanted to do something to help those folks that lost everything. So they decided to hold a “Lights over Broadway” event to raise money for those affected. President Patrick Kelly took the lead and with the help of the Lions and many others planned and organized a one night musical event. They recruited bands to donate their time and obtained major sponsors and sold tee shirts for the event. It was a smashing success and they raised over $30,000 to aid those in need.
The Broadway Lions have also become involved with the Elementary school in Broadway and have conducted a “Character Counts program for 5th grade students. Either someone from their club or they recruit a speaker to talk about a special character trait such as “honesty” or “reliable “and then the following week a club member has a session with the class to discuss how they have demonstrated that trait during the past week.
I have a special interest in the Broadway club as I served as the Guiding Lion for the club for two years. During the formation of the club we were discussing about commitment to the Lionism and if we formed a club we wanted to make sure that the club survived. I still remember a statement that Cecil Cameron made that evening. “If we start a club and I join, I assure you that it will be successful as I do not want to be associated with a failure”. And he and the other 25 members of the club have lived up to this challenge. I am truly proud of the accomplishments of this young club and they have demonstrated in outstanding fashion the motto of the Lions—“We Serve”
DG. Vince Schimmoller



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