President Palmer’s Blog: The Three R’s

As we begin a new Lions year, I’m very excited to share my service and experiences around the world as the 2013-14 international president. This year, I encourage Lions to Follow Your Dream. What is your dream, and what can you do to achieve it?
The three R’s can help you achieve your dream: Responsibility Seize what is in front of you. Commit to leading, creating and solving problems. Own what needs doing, and follow through to get it done. Responsibility means taking risks and working hard. One way to take responsibility for making a global impact, for example, is by participating in Global Service Action campaigns: Engaging Our Youth, Sharing the Vision, Relieving the Hunger and Protecting Our Environment.
LCI provides resources to help you plan your projects, but it’s up to you to make it a success. Recognition Being a Lion is being a part of a family – a network of service-minded individuals who all have dreams of their own. Give the recognition your members deserve for their achievements and contributions. Sometimes just a simple thank you is enough.
There are also award programs, such as the Dream Achiever Awards, that keep Lions satisfied and motivate them to continue serving. Reach As community needs continue to increase, Lions clubs must continue to grow. The best way to expand our reach is by expanding membership. Invite family members, women, young people and friends to join you in service. Log on to Facebook to share the Lions message with your community so people know who you are and how you serve. While you’re there, follow my Facebook page – I’ll be cheering you on as you follow your dream. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year with Lions everywhere. We serve!


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