Dr Hernandez announced today that through Sedation Vacation she will be signing up and doing FREE DIABETES SCREENINGS on August 20th, 2013 at 4:00 pm.

Dr Hernandez has launched this program because of the increase in patients with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes symptoms. “A dentists role is to help you keep your teeth, and these screenings are just one way…” says Dr Hernandez. Many people know the effects of diabetes on the eyes, legs, and other organs but little is mentioned about the impact on your smile. You can sign up through

Those already living with Diabetes know how their teeth may have started to shift or even fall out among other sad results. Estimates have 1 in 3 adults as undiagnosed and contributing to diabetes being the 6th most common cause of death for Americans. As Americans are living longer diabetes’ prevalence is only increasing.

The FREE DIABETES SCREENING includes oral cancer screening, tooth pocket depth analysis, blood glucose screening and a cholesterol check.

Office of Dr Zara Bartley-Hernandez DDS
Direct 910-893-5828
Fax 910-893-8107


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