District 31F Treasurer Larry Wojcik

I am honored to serve as District Treasurer this year under Governor Vince Schimmoller. Vince was instrumental in my joining the Lions and becoming an active member of my club and district.

As District Treasurer, I wanted to remind each club treasurer of the following. As Lions, we have ‘two kinds of money’ – Charitable money and Administrative money.

After expenses of a fundraiser, 100% of money collected through donations and fundraisers is Charitable money and is used to fund your activities – service projects and other funding for the blind and other programs. None of these funds can be used to support or run your club.

Money that is given by your members to the club can be used as Administrative money to run the club. This is mainly through your semi-annual dues, but also ‘internal’ projects – such as cooking meals for your members at meetings – where the money is not a donation.

As treasurer, you are responsible for keeping these separate. The LCI manual for treasurers states:

“Clubs should have two budgets for their fiscal year: (1) an administrative budget and (2) an activities budget. The administrative budget is what finances club operations. Its income comes mostly from club dues. The activities budget finances the club’s activities and projects. Its income should come from special fundraising projects held by the club in the community. Income from the club’s fundraising projects cannot be used to defray the club’s administrative costs, even if the club advertises that funds raised will be used for the club’s own purposes. The club can, however, deduct the direct operating expenses of the fundraising project from the funds raised.”

One other piece of information. It is important to have your membership numbers correct at the end of June and December as clubs will get billed for the number of members on their rolls. If someone has not paid their dues, you need to find out if they plan to continue or resign.

I wish the best to all the clubs in this coming year. If I or another cabinet member can help you please let us know. We are here to serve.

Lion Larry Wojcik.


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