President Palmer’s Blog: Trees and RAP in India

One of my first travel destinations as Lions International President was to India to meet Lions of District 321-C1. During my visit, I attended the first tree planting event under the district’s Save the Environment Program. Their goal is to plant 20,000 trees, and after Lions reported planting over 15 million trees during 2011-2012, I have no doubt in my mind that these Lions will achieve their dream! Tree planting projects are a great way to get the entire community involved in making the earth a greener, healthier place. I encourage Lions everywhere to use the LCI tree planting resources for guidelines on starting a project in your area. During my stay in India, I also had the privilege of speaking at the inauguration of a student scholarship program through the Reading Action Program (RAP). There are 19 Lions clubs and three schools with 3,000 children participating. We distributed bags of books and supplies – some of them bigger than the children! The kids were all so excited to receive their new books. As many of you know, the Reading Action Program has become a 10-year commitment to increasing reading and literacy worldwide. Simply reading a book to a child can make a huge impact. Thank you to the Lions of District 321-C1 for a wonderful visit! I’m looking forward to seeing you achieve your dreams.


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