August 10, 2013

On August 10 I attended a Council of Governors meeting in Concord, NC. A Council of Governors meeting is a meeting of the 8 Governors from within the State on North Carolina. Following are the highlights of the meeting.
Sid Scruggs, Past International President opened the meeting with some comments about activities at the International level. He mentioned that Mark Miller was the Global Leadership Team Leader for the SE region of the US and Joe Pitts is the deputy leader. He also stressed the importance of the zone chairs in the Lions organization and encouraged the Governors to work through the Zone Chairs in our dealings with the clubs.
Harvey Whitley, International Director from North Carolina mentioned that registration to the pre-assigned hotel for NC delegates going to the upcoming International convention in Toronto has been extended to January 2014. The re-districting proposal for North Carolina will be acted upon by International at their October meeting. Mr. Whitley also emphasized the importance of Zone Chairs and indicated that they should be part of the Global Leadership Team. The Global Leadership Team chair for District 31 F is Dutch Dine. Dutch will be in touch with the Zone Chairs to arrange a Club Excellence Program for the clubs in your zone. He also mentioned that North Carolina will be authorized to present 3 Leadership and 5 Presidential Awards this year. If anyone from District 31F would like to nominate someone for either of these awards, let me know. Most likely there will be one person from each District to get an award. Names will be submitted to Harvey Whitley after the Council’s November meeting.
Council of Governors Treasurer, Rhett White mentioned that each District would be billed for the bonding for each of the Dist. treasurers—LARRY WOJCIK, PLEASE NOT.
A motion was passed to fix the date of the State convention for the last weekend in April. The motion for that was placed in the Policy and Procedures manual so if a convention committee cannot get this date, the date can be changed to another weekend.
District Governors were reminded that the Peace Poster kits also include information about a Peace Poster Essay contest for blind or visually impaired kids. We were asked to make sure that the District committee chair and the clubs that participate in the Peace Poster contest are aware of this and make this info know to the school so that we can reach those students that are blind. Beth Musselwhite recently sent you a letter about the Peace Poster. Just a little more information which I failed to share with her prior to her sending out the letter. The winning entry at the State level receives a plaque and $250 and a trip to the State convention to receive the prizes. The District provides a monetary prize to the District winner. Many clubs also give a prize to the winning entry at the local level.
I have 2 History Books of the Lions that contains info about the North Carolina Lions and of each club in the State. Does anyone have any ideas as to where we should donate these books? Let me know.
Joe Silvers, State Committee Chair for the May 2014 convention in Asheville mentioned that the convention this year will be structured around various sessions for the delegates. He mentioned that they were selling cookbooks-1 for $15 and 2 for $25. The proceeds will help to reduce the cost of attending the convention. The dates for the convention are May 31-June 2, 2014
Liz Steele mentioned that the LEO State convention will be held at Camp Dogwood on Feb. 21-23, 2014. Encourage your LEOs to attend the convention.
The Boys and Girls Home will be opening the Fleming Academy this fall; hoping for an enrollment of 40.
Gary Greene, State Global Membership Chair mentioned that the State last year lost 324 members or about 4%. I am happy to report that District 31 F had a plus 6 for the year. Lets make it 2 years in a row by having a membership gain by the end of June 2014. I KNOW THAT WE CAN DO IT. Gary also encouraged clubs to hold a Club Excellence Training Program this year
Chris Hardee, Long Range Planning Chair mentioned that his committee will be working on the re-districting plan for the State.
The most exciting part of the meeting was the discussion about the Diabetes Awareness Peer Support project that the Governors will be emphasizing this year. This has been initiated by District Governors Sandy Scarlett and Mike Elmore and State Diabetes Chair Judy Jackson. They have done an outstanding job of getting this project underway. As you Lions undoubtedly know diabetes in the major cause of blindness in the US working population. We are hoping that this program will help to change this statistic. We met with 3 doctors from UNC to develop a plan to roll out this program throughout the State. Working with the doctors, they will have the medical knowledge and the Lions will have the feet on the ground to make implementation possible. The program will be more that an awareness program, it will be a peer support effort which will be led by trained Lion members across the State. I have attached a one page description of the program. If anyone is interested in serving as a peer support leader or a club is interested in volunteering for the program, please let me know. I need to provide name to Judy Jackson by August 24. Training will be provided in early September for those that would like to serve as peer support leaders. I may be contacting some of you to further discuss the program.

The next Cabinet meeting is set for 9 am on Nov. 9 at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Aberdeen NC. The meeting is in our District and close to many of our clubs. This would be a great opportunity for club members to learn more about how the Lions organization in North Carolina operates. Meeting starts at 9 am and is open to everyone. I would love to see a big turnout from District 31F club members.

NCLI Board of Directors Meeting
August 11, 2014
Highlights of Board of Directors Meeting
•First edition of the Advocate magazine will be in November
•Don Henry-Properties –Plans still in place to remodel lodge with a new roof. Bids came in high-Board voted to authorize $290,000 to do the work. Plans are to move picnic facility down to the swing and slide area next to Admin building. During spring clean-up week-plans are to gut the duplexes and redo with paint and new furniture. Western Harnett Club to do.
•Full time maintenance man will be hired for Camp Dogwood.
•Oct 6-8 is fall mini work week at Camp Dogwood, April 13-17 in Camp Dogwood clean-up
•State convention will be in Asheville on May 31-June 2, 2014

Vince Schimmoller, DG


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