A note from 2nd VDG Lynn McCaskill

Please allow me to tell you about our Brighter Vision campaign. If you can join us at Lillington Baptist Church on August 24, you will learn all about Brighter Vision. The 1st cabinet meeting will start at 10 a.m. and will be immediately followed by our Brighter Vision meeting. This meeting should conclude in less than 1 hour.
Hopefully many of you have heard that our White Cane Drive we have participated in for many years is no more. This is not just a name change to Brighter Vision but is a new program that encompasses all of the services provided under the White Cane umbrella along with some additions.
I think that it will be much easier to present Brighter Vision to new lions as well as to potential donors in the community. Being a lion is about service to others. An energetic lions club is a club that is very active in their community seeking out the needs of their community and addressing the needs. By the same token an energetic lion is a lion that is involved in doing something to provide needed services for their community.
Please join us at the 1st cabinet meeting in Lillington on August 24 and together we can ensure that this will be an exceptional year for the lions of our district and for the people of our district as well.

Thank you,
Lynn McCaskill
Brighter Vision Chair

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