We have the opportunity to experience a whole new concept in fund raising while we support the same needed projects that White Cane provided for over the past 66 years:
 BRIGHTER VISIONS will inspire and motivate our donors to take ownership in “A Mission To Care, To Enrich and Serve our North Carolina Citizens.
 BRIGHTER VISIONS-We want Lions to feel motivated to give and not obligated to give!
 BRIGHTER VISIONS-We must promptly acknowledge and thank our donors!
 BRIGHTER VISIONS-We must share with our donors how their donations will be used!
 BRIGHTER VISIONS-We must share how their donations have made a real impact on real people!
 BRIGHTER VISIONS-We must provide proper and timely communications with our donors!
 BRIGHTER VISIONS- We will take our fund raising beyond local clubs and into the community with partners who will help enhance and pledge support to give our fund raising a boost to additionally fund those we serve!
 BRIGHTER VISIONS will not assume that Lions throughout North Carolina receive needed information from committees regarding the program!
Unlike White Cane, we will not assume that Lions will support NC Lions Inc., just because they are Lions, or that Lions know who the NC Lions Inc. and what a difference it makes across the state in our communities. My feelings and instinct tell me that our district will be excited and motivated to support BRIGHTER VISIONS and will lead the state in this first year of the program in their donations! PLEASE call me @ 910-417-8917 or email at to schedule a program with your club and/or Zone meetings. Thank you for your support this year of this new concept and to allow me to serve as BRIGHTER VISIONS Chair, and for all the wonderful things you do in LIONS.

2nd VDG Lynn McCaskill , Brighter Vision District Chair


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