While attending his family reunion in Orlando Florida with his family Nathaniel Zinnerman Jr. known as “JJ” became desperately ill and had immediate surgery. He was put in an induced coma for three weeks due to the seriousness of his life threatening condition. Although, he is out of the coma he is still in critical condition in the ICU unit at Dr. Phillips hospital in Orlando. His wife and family have been by his side the entire time which has caused emotional and financial stress having to stay in hotels while going through this devastating situation.

JJ and his family live in Hoffman, he grew up in the Wayman Chapel community of Richmond County, he served in the army as a medical parts specialist. JJ worked with adolescent teens and middle aged adults in group homes. He also worked with the sanitation department and was a cement truck driver. He and his wife Tina have one daughter in college and a teen son at home. JJ has always tried to help the youth in the community and be a part of the Hoffman community’s overall development.

Tina has taken 12 weeks leave from her job at St Joseph of the Pines and is now concerned that when JJ is released from the Dr. Phillips hospital the funds to transfer him back to a North Carolina facility for further treatment will not be available. According to the hospital staff, JJ can be released as soon as 30 days if funds are available to transfer him to North Carolina. At this time the estimated funds to bring JJ back to North Carolina are as high as $8000.00.

Tina is asking for prayers for her family from the Richmond County community. Rena Marshall a past president of The Hamlet Lions Club and Daniel Kelly President of The Beaver Dam Community Center as well as other family members have joined efforts to help the family raise funds as soon as possible to help with the cost of staying in Orlando and to transfer JJ back to North Carolina.

A bank account has been set up at BB&T through the Beaver Dam Community Center, P.O. Box 221, Hoffman, NC 28347. Please make your checks or money orders to Beaver Dam Community Center and reference JJ Zinnerman on your check and mail to the address above. We are also asking each church in the Richmond County community to ask each member to contribute $1.00 to help the Zinnerman family. Please contact one of the contact persons for pick up or mail checks to the above address. On Saturday, October 19 2013 Daniel Kelly of the Beaver Dam community center will sponsor a gospel concert at Hoffman Parks & Recreation in Hoffman all funds less expenses will be donated to the Zinnerman family. Please contact the following persons if you have any questions or for volunteering; Rena Marshall 910-2052862, Daniel Kelly 910-281-4476, Lyon Bell 910-461-9030, or Lahama Zinnerman 910-986-5358. We thank the Richmond County Community for all your support and donations.

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