Dear Committee Chairs,
First of all I want to thank you for accepting the position as committee chair for a specific activity. This is how programs are expanded and things get done through the District and the State. I thought it would only be fair to you if I explained what my expectations were for you in the upcoming year. I am not asking a lot but I do want an increased focus in your specific area.

1. Write at least one article (perhaps a paragraph of two) to be included in a monthly newsletter. Send article to Ken Smith lillingtonlions@yahoo.com
2. Visit one club to give a short presentation about your particular area. Several of you have more than one committee chair assignments. While visiting a club you can share comments about each of your areas or responsibility.
3. I would like you to attend at least one of our Cabinet meetings and at the meeting make a brief report about the activities in your area. Send a report to the Club Secretary, Peggy Strange (peggystrange@windstream.net) of the committee activities

These three items will do several things; it will help to educate the Lions in District 31F, it will make you more knowledgeable in your area of responsibility, it will provide you an opportunity to learn more about the Lions and it will allow you to develop your leadership skills.

I hope that you see this as a challenge and opportunity.
Any questions give me a call (919-498-9189) or send an email.

DG Vince


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