Good record keeping is extremely important to your club.
By not keeping your membership data current, it costs your club money. Lions Club International (LCI) and the District bill each club its semi-annual dues based on the number of members on the roster as of July 1 and Jan 1. So if you have a member resign, move away or die and do not report it to LCI, you will be charged for that member. Therefore, I encourage each of you to submit the Monthly Membership Report (MMR) regardless if there are changes or not. Get in the habit of submitting a MMR each month, it takes very little time and will keep your club current. There are several clubs in the District that have gone for over 18 months without submitting an MMR. District Governor Vince has advised me that he will be sending an email to each of the clubs that are more than 3 months in arrears.
Also important and informative to the District Governor’s team, is the Monthly Activity Report. While it is not critical to the day to day operation of your club, it gives an overall accounting of your club’s activities. All secretaries are requested to enter data into the LCI data base monthly that describes the type and hours of volunteer service that you are providing your community. This allows the District Governor a way of seeing what good things each club is doing and to give the club proper recognition. We need to be proud and take credit of what we are doing to serve the blind and visually impaired, and our local communities. Again there are many clubs that have not reported anything for the last several years.
If you have any problems or need help in entering the data, please give me a call (919-499-2198) or send me an email and I will get someone to help you.

Lion Peggy Strange


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