Highlights of Meeting
1. Ron Kelly talked about the NC Lions Hall of Fame. Each DG is to recommend on living and one deceased Lion deserving of be elevated into the Hal of Fame. At the next Council meeting, the DGs will be selecting 8 worthy candidates.
2. At the State convention, the NC lions will get 3 presidential and 5 leadership medals to be presented to deserving Lions. Names and write-ups need to be to Harvey Whitley by end of December.
3. District Peace Poster winners need to be to Council Chair by Dec. 1.
4. Judy Jackson, Diabetes State Chair mentioned that the Diabetes Awareness Peer Support program is underway. Each District is to have 2 peer leaders with 4 or 5 participants signed up. The peer support leaders for District 31F are Albert Locklear, Jan Kelly and Kevin Hockaday. Each leader is asked to get the names of their participants to Judy as soon as possible. Leaders are asked to hold one meeting per month-Judy plans to attend one of the meetings. This program is like a peer support initiative like a cancer or AAA support group. Diabetes is the #1 non-infectious disease that causes blindness.
5. Dale Dupree, NC Lions Inc. president mentioned that the NC Lions will be hosting a Fun weekend at Camp Dogwood for Lions on March 21-23. There will be no meetings-only fun activities. Cost is $60 per person for room (2 nights) and meals (2 dinners, I lunch, and 2 breakfasts). More information will be coming out on this.
6. Gary Elliot told group that Lions contributed $49,000 to Boys and Girls Home last year. Need $80,000 to fully fund the Lions cottage. Planning a Christmas lunch with the boys in the Lions cottage-further info on this.
7. Harriet Edmonds talked about the Celebrate Liberty program and put on a little competition about constitution questions. Essay contest is open to juniors in high school. Completed essay needs to be to Harriet by April 1, 2014
8. Dave Butler, Constitution and By-Laws Chair noted a number of changes that need to be made-will be taken up when redistricting changes are made.
9. Ron Staley talked about Leadership in the Lions. He encouraged clubs to utilize the CEP process. Dutch Dine is coordinating this for 31F. He is working with Zone Chairs to host an event in each Zone. Club Presidents are encouraged to register for the Advance Leadership Seminar at the LCI headquarters in Oakbrook, IL on March 8-10, 2014. Registration deadline is Dec. 27; much of the cost is picked up by LCI.
10. Gary Greene, Global Membership Chair stated that state-wide we are down 81 members. District 31 F is down 17 members. Gary mentioned that April is scheduled as the Family and Friends month. Each club is encouraged to plan an activity that includes family and friends.
11. Historian Chair, Howard Wallace mentioned that there are 368 clubs in NC and he would like to get a copy of the charter from each club. I will follow up later on this item.
12. Lions Club International Foundation Chair, Carlton Weeks encouraged clubs and Lions to contribute to the LCIF which goes to support the needs of folks that are victims of natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, etc. Records from past years show that north Carolina gets back $0.82 for every $1 that is donated to LCIF.
13. A re-districting committee was formed to develop plans on going from 8 to 5 Districts. Beginning with July 2015, we will be operating with 5 districts.
14. Properties Chair, Don Henry mentioned that the renovation of the lodge is underway and should be completed by early 2014. The 2 duplexes will be refurbished during the April Camp Dogwood clean-up week scheduled for April 13-17. The picnic shelter and recreation building are scheduled for construction in the spring. North Carolina Lions is going to be applying for a $75,000 LCI grant for the construction.
15. George Culp, Information and Technology Chair mentioned that the Advocate magazine will be published soon and then will be asking for articles for the next edition.
16. Dave Butler mentioned that the Pin Sales committee has reached its goal of $150,000 for Eye Research with a contribution of $1500 from Andy Livingston.
17. George Suggs made a pitch for everyone to get busy and sell the Camp Dogwood tickets. Each Lion is asked to sell 3 books of tickets for a chance on a car. Proceeds go towards the maintenance of the Camp and to pay down the principal of the last dorm. The dorm should be totally paid for by the end of this year.
18. Gary Steele talked about the Brighter Vision program. This replaces the White Cane Drive. If an individual wants to get credit for a contribution towards this program, they need to write the check to NC Lions Inc. rather that have the money go through their club.
19. District 31F provided the Hospitality Room at the Council meeting. I would like to thank the Vass, Aberdeen, Seven Lakes, Carthage and the Western Harnett clubs for their donations. Also thanks go out to the members from the Pinebluff, Carthage, Aberdeen, and Western Harnett clubs who helped staff the event.
If you have any questions about any of the above items, send me a message.

Vince Schimmoller,
DG 31F


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