Candidate for District Governor District O

Hello to All LIONS,

I am a Candidate District Governor for the new MD 31-O in 2015.

I am hoping all of you will read my biography/resume.
I joined this organization because of three men I met when I was a child. I can’t began to to tell you what an impact they had on my life.
They went to visit my aunt to give her a broom she ordered and to assist her with getting eyeglasses.
Being a kid I could not believe they were LIONS because they didn’t look like LIONS.
I kept them in my mind for years until I moved to North Carolina and realized I was just a 2 miles down the street from the Hamlet Lions Club I could hardly wait to meet a LION. I wanted to be a LION so bad.

I am a hard worker.
I am a membership recruiter for the Hamlet Lions Club
I have alone organized a LEO Club in a middle school in Ellerbe NC.
I have brought 12 new members into the Hamlet club and have 5 more that I am working with to become a member.
I am a humanitarian. I will give assistance to anyone in need.
I am a retired Disaster Relief worker.
My resume will explain the jobs I have had with the American Red Cross.
I worked for the Girl Scout as a program coordinator.
My girls lived in Moore County, Scotland County and Richmond county. I went to schools in each county.
I am putting together a medical school 101 for kids that will start this month.

I know some of you are not going to District O but I am hoping you will past this information on.

I am hoping you will consider voting for me and give me the opportunity to work with you and your club.

Thank you! very much for your consideration.

Lion Rena Shedrick-Marshall


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