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Ellerbe Lions Club Lawn Mower Racing

Thanks to all that came out to support us tonight. We had an awesome night of racing. I want to say a big thank you to my crew that made this happen. Also, a big thanks to the Phatbottom Crew for coming up and supporting us. Hope to see everyone again on September 6th. Here are the results from tonight’s race.
Kids Class
1-Andrew Faircloth
2-Kole Dutton
3-Dexter Jones
1-Simon Langley
2-Gene Lewis
3-Jimmy Cobbler
1-Damen Jones
2-Mitchell Pankey
3-Thomas Thompson
1-Randy Perez
2-Charles Ford
3-Dean Buck
Stock V Twin
1-Derrick Robinson
2-Cori Cox
3-Brett Caruth
1-Derrick Robinson
2-Steve Morris
3-Daniel Crouch
Super Mod
1-Andy Clabough
2-Randy Perez
3-Derrick Robinson
1-Drew Clabough
2-Taylor Clabough

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Joseph “Joe” Preston, of Dewey, Arizona, USA, was elected president of Lions Clubs International at the association’s 97th International Convention held in Toronto, Canada, July 4 through 8, 2014.

President Preston is temporarily retired from the automotive industry. He has over 30 years of experience as a fleet sales manager, and was consistently recognized by Ford Motor Company for excellence in customer satisfaction, sales and product knowledge.

A member of the Bradshaw Mountain of Dewey-Humboldt Lions Club, President Preston has been a Lion since 1974. He has held many offices in the association, including club president, zone chairperson, district governor, council chairperson and chairperson of district leadership development, Lions Quest and MERL for the state of Arizona. He was host chairperson of the 1994 International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, chairperson of the 2003 USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, and a national/multinational coordinator for Campaign SightFirst II.

In recognition of his service to the association, President Preston has received numerous awards, including the 100% Club President Award, the 100% District Governor Award, the Senior Builder Key Award, Life Membership in the
association, nine International President’s Awards and the Ambassador of Good Will Award, the highest honor the association bestows upon its members. He is also a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow.

President Preston was recognized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency for his work as a Lion to prevent drug use and abuse among youth.

President Preston and his wife, Joni, also a Lion and a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow, have two sons, one daughter and seven grandsons.

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Passing of first female NC District Governor – Lion Dr. Hazel M. Box

Jan 18, 1926 – July 2, 2014 DURHAM, NC Dr. Hazel M. Box, 88, died Wednesday, July 2, 2014.  Dr. Box was a member of Trinity United Methodist Church in Durham and had the distinction of becoming the first female member of the Durham Lions Club and the first female District Governor representing North Carolina.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Klay Kenneth Keith Box. Surviving are two daughters, June Leah Box, of Durham, NC; and Jayne Sharon Box and husband Brian Summers, of Georgia; two grandchildren, Kristina Summers Els and Kenneth Karl Summers; five great-grandchildren; a sister, June Melvin, of Aberdeen, NC; a sister-in-law, Della Montgomery, of Oklahoma; many nieces, nephews, and friends. Donations may be made to the Durham Lions Club in Dr. Box’s memory. Online condolences at (see Obituaries).

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Candidate for District Governor District O

Hello to All LIONS,

I am a Candidate District Governor for the new MD 31-O in 2015.

I am hoping all of you will read my biography/resume.
I joined this organization because of three men I met when I was a child. I can’t began to to tell you what an impact they had on my life.
They went to visit my aunt to give her a broom she ordered and to assist her with getting eyeglasses.
Being a kid I could not believe they were LIONS because they didn’t look like LIONS.
I kept them in my mind for years until I moved to North Carolina and realized I was just a 2 miles down the street from the Hamlet Lions Club I could hardly wait to meet a LION. I wanted to be a LION so bad.

I am a hard worker.
I am a membership recruiter for the Hamlet Lions Club
I have alone organized a LEO Club in a middle school in Ellerbe NC.
I have brought 12 new members into the Hamlet club and have 5 more that I am working with to become a member.
I am a humanitarian. I will give assistance to anyone in need.
I am a retired Disaster Relief worker.
My resume will explain the jobs I have had with the American Red Cross.
I worked for the Girl Scout as a program coordinator.
My girls lived in Moore County, Scotland County and Richmond county. I went to schools in each county.
I am putting together a medical school 101 for kids that will start this month.

I know some of you are not going to District O but I am hoping you will past this information on.

I am hoping you will consider voting for me and give me the opportunity to work with you and your club.

Thank you! very much for your consideration.

Lion Rena Shedrick-Marshall

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Happy Independence Day!

The persistent march of terrorists and tyrants around the globe gives us reason to reflect on the precious gift of freedom we have been given and must continue to safeguard.

In signing the Declaration of Independence, 238 years ago, our Founding Fathers defied an intolerable King and proclaimed a God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Those men signified to the world that, although they yearned for peace, they would not submit to despots.  Their demand for liberty offered no compromise.

As Thomas Jefferson later wrote, the Declaration was “an expression of the American mind”—one that refuses to accept insufferable evil, abuses, and usurpations and holds the freedom of its people supreme.

This is the spirit America was founded upon.  This is the heritage we all share.  This is what makes us Americans.  We should never take our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for granted.  Too much of the world does not recognize them.  We must still hold these truths.  

Just as those brave men did 238 years ago, let us affirm our commitment to a government defined by consent of the people—a transformative concept that launched America into becoming the greatest force for freedom the world has ever seen.

On this Fourth of July raise up your American flags high and wave them proudly.  The spirit of our star-spangled banner makes us who we are.  That spirit keeps us strong, safe, and free.



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